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Our Terms & Policy

WELCOME FROM ROMINA DANIELE, I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE, appreciating our service and style.

Please take a look at the way we work as our policy including terms and conditions you acknowledge and accept by booking. This document is working like a contract, applying to and regulating any shooting and service we provide for clients.


The minimal bookable time frame for events is 1 hour. Bookable sessions for Portrait are one session (45 minutes) or one mini session (25 minutes) for the number of pictures included in the package.
Sessions may last less than scheduled if the number of purchased pictures is considered reached by the professional.

Any time over the booked and scheduled session time will be extra. Any extra time will be calculated as $45 for every 10/15 minutes and/or 8/10 pictures more. Full hours will be invoiced as per our Catalog.

$55 deposit/reservation is required for any booking within one hour. It is $75 for 2 hours bookings and $85 for longer bookings. This amount is 65% deposit and 35% nonrefundable reservation fee, which secures the right for you to have that specific service as requested.

Weekend days and Federal Holidays are subjected to Weekend/Holiday Fees under any circumstances.

Balance for the performed service less deposit is due by the end of your session. With the paid balance, you'll receive 5-10 first images fully processed as proofs of the performed service in 24 BH (business hours), and we'll start working to digitally deliver your full photoshoot. All images will be sent within the estimated time frame (5-10 business days) from full payment with the received proofs. Delays in payments or longer proofs stages will delay your delivery accordingly. Priority/rush delivery is available as per our Catalog.

In case of balance over $600, payment needs to be split in half by the day before and half by the day of the event, or paid in full the day before. For most events requiring continued Client's attention and participation, like Weddings and similar ceremonies, final balance is due in full and in any case the day before.

Balances cannot remain unpaid, and our system will process payments automatically if outstanding, with client's information on file. Unpaid balances will increase 10% per each day they are outstanding.

Please be advised that we don't accept payments on holds and are not responsible about holds that third parts may put on payments. You are responsible to release payments immediately when you use third parts such as PayPal or Venmo. Deposit and balance payments must reach our account within the due dates.

Delivery times depend on the kind of service and are specified in the services details and invoices. They are meant to be flexible depending also on the actual and final number of pictures realized and the length of the photo-shoot, and on eventual Holidays/religious events/closure of our office.

Pictures production is always for a guaranteed minimum amount of 40 per 45 minutes (portrait) or 1 hour (events) service, however if any circumstances will prevent the shooting to be continued on the booked time of the happening service, pictures amount can be less than the purchased package, accordingly to such circumstances not related to professional's willing. Such circumstances can be: any weather problems, any venue's problems, any client's delay in arriving or in having the stage area ready, or any other related circumstances which actually will prevent the shooting to be continued during the booked time of the service.


7% Processing fee is applied for any credit/debit card payment, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, WeChat pay, Payin4 (Klarna, Affirm, Afterpay). Cash App direct pay is with 5% processing fee. No fee is added for Zelle transfers.


Extra time after the booked time is over is $45 for every 10/15 minutes and/or 8/10 pictures more. Full hours will be invoiced as per our Catalog. We are not responsible for any client's delay in arriving or in having the stage area ready, or any other related circumstances, and you start paying with the starting of the scheduled time for the session under any circumstanced as reserved time for you and working hours for us.

Shootings between 8 pm - 8 am and shootings during the Weekends and Federal or State Holidays are subjected to the Weekend/Holiday/Not working hours Fees of $65 (for Portraits and Family or Corporate Events) and $85 (for Weddings, Engagements, or Bachelorette/Bridal Events). In case both weekend/holiday and Not working hours circumstances will happen, fees will be cumulated in the forfeit of $100 for Portraits and Family or Corporate Events, and $125 for Weddings, Engagements, or Bachelorette/Bridal Events.

$25 travel fee will be calculated for every 10 miles from area code 33139, Miami Beach, FL. In case route may offer different paths and miles, a forfeit will be calculated basing also on the traffic estimates.

Weekend Fee and Travel Fee may be adjusted anytime according to marketing needs, and any promotion/discount or price packages will only be granted for the base price of the photoshoot excluding such fees or any other fees.

Adds on options on the service are the following and can be selected anytime for $50 each:

Rush Delivery (2 business days for shooting within 1 hour or 3 business days for longer shootings.) Proof stage will be not in place for Rush delivery.

De-Aging/Face-tune/Slimming Retouching.

A gallery of all the shot images for the client to choose the number included in the package during the proofs stage.

Pictures Slideshow with your favorite soundtrack.

Web Ready resizing (providing pictures both in the full resolution format and in the <3mb resizing for social media needs).

Video options can be selected anytime prior the shooting happens or during it, with the following price table:

Any number of short video (10 seconds each): $45.

2-5 minutes Highlights video: $85.

5-10 minutes Highlights video: $135.

Highlight Video means moving video clips and accompanying synchronous audio of the Events, including main moments of the Ceremonies, according to professional's advice and to any technical professional’s conditions and needs. It is a fully edited motion pictures video with recorded natural sounds and your favorite soundtrack.


No raw/unedited pictures will be delivered unless previously specified. No further review or adjustment can be done after your photoshoot is fully delivered since the post-production office works accordingly to the approved proofs and according to professional's style and advice for the stills, according to professional's style and advice for the videos.

In case of review requests during the proofs stage, a maximum of two reviews can be considered.

Proofs stage has the meaning of proving the shooting happened by sending out to the client 5-10 first images in a quick turnaround from the event, 24 BH (business hours). They are fully processed images showing the quality and style in some different moments of the shooting for client's acceptance.

Reviews requests may cover eventual technical aspects only, as you hired us for our style and all our work is consistent. Review requests cannot cover any of the staging, posing or other related circumstances. And they cannot cover asking to edit your photos differently, as this may need altering our style, which we have developed as unique over the years because it represents our business and us.

No review requests can be considered anytime for video production. Any specific requests must be done and agreed during the booking stage.

Special technical needs in editing/retouching stills may be requested prior the shooting at a specific cost as per our Catalog.

Proofs/first images will be considered accepted in case of no response after 24h.

Pictures go in the post-production work flow in the order photoshoots are made. Priority/rush delivery is available as per our Catalog.

Proofs stage can only regard stills and not video frames, as Highlights video will be edited directly according to professional's style and advice and to the guaranteed speed and quality of the process and the competitive packages prices. - Considering that: Highlight Video means moving video clips and accompanying synchronous audio of the Events, including main moment of the Ceremonies, according to professional's advice and to any technical professional’s conditions and needs.

Pictures are delivered in the maximum full professional standard resolution currently allowed by technology and in the JPEG format. Any other specific format must be requested by the client prior to delivery and processing. Clients receive a link by email intended to share the digital photoshoot to be downloaded within 1 month. We can only provide temporary and not permanent links. Any raw pictures/videos on file will be permanently deleted from our archive after 1 month, too.

We deliver the best deliverable photoshoot, and no images must be chosen earlier by the customers, according to the guaranteed speed and quality of the process and the competitive packages prices. Preview files may be prepared exceptionally upon request made prior the shooting at the additional cost of $50.

After a photoshoot is processed and delivered and in case we'll have more than the purchased number of pictures on file, clients may have the option to review a preview file of the additional images and choose to purchase some or all of them as extra at the additional cost of $40 per eight pictures.

For commercial shootings: it is client's responsibility assuring that a listing/ads showing/any object to be shot is fully ready to be shot at the moment of the appointment. Any trip will be due as performed service under any circumstances.

No adjustment to this policy can be discussed after a photoshoot is done, in process or processed or fully delivered, which means any specific requests must be agreed prior the booking. Any requests made after booking will need to be estimated.


Your reservation can be adjusted or postponed until a number of two times for reasonable reasons, with a notice of at least 24 hours.

To cancel your Reservation, a 7 day reasonable notice is required if you wish your deposit refunded.

Since the deposit you have paid for reservation has the meaning to lock your date/time and to prevent us to accept any other jobs in that time frame, changing your reservation without the 24 hours notice or cancel it with no 7 day notice, you'll forfeit your deposit, under any circumstances. -- Also, we shoot and schedule both inside/outside, and are not responsible for unexpected weather changing or any kind of similar events.

The deposit will always be refunded in the 65%, as the 35% is the nonrefundable booking and reservation fee which secures the right for you to have that specific service as requested. Also, 5% processing fee will be deducted from the refundable deposit amount. Refund is accepted in our system within 2 business days from the request, and it may take up to 7-10 business days to process and show on your card, accordingly to banks and financial institutions times, which are not depending on us.

In case we would need to cancel for any uncontrollable reasons, your refund will be processed immediately and in full.


The digital images that are being provided to you are licensed for any reasonable personal purposes, including but not limited to: printing, copying, emailing, and web publishing. Your license does not include use that results in financial gain, including but not limited to: advertising, stock photography, print sale.

Romina Daniele Photography may revoke this license at any time and for any reason. Romina Daniele Photography retains all copyrights to the images and derivative works thereof. By using any of these images, you are agreeing to the above terms.

PRIVACY NOTICE: We might use some of your pictures on these pages and social medias connected to this portfolio. We care about your privacy's rights, so in case you don't want, you'll need to let us know.

Highlights video or any video we provide are personal life licenses and may only be shown within family and friends. We don't include any of those in our portfolio, but clients interested in booking may see some samples of our videography work upon request.